About Gold4BlackGate
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Our About Us Info is already provided

We are not new to selling gold, accounts and powerleveling services. As of October 2014, we are proud to be behind over 4000 successful transactions, mainly on WoW's popular private realms like Feenix, Kronos & Nostalrius. If you ask what we do now, we can surely answer: Professional gold farming and selling. Complete information is provided on our main network site - V7 Gaming. Check the about page there.

Why Guild Wars 2

After recognizing the importance of supplying the players with their much needed game currency, we were quick to adapt to different games and realms, SWTOR beside WoW and now Guild Wars 2.

Additional info about Gold4BlackGate

Gold4BlackGate.com was made as an addition to Gold4GW2.com, basically the first realm of Guild Wars where we started to provide our services.

Less time farming, more time playing the game! Enjoy :-)

Contact Information

Email: shop@gold4gw2.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (Guild Wars 2 & World of Wacraft Gold)

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