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Gold4Blackgate is a fully dedicated website providing gold services (for both buyers and sellers) for the Black Gate realm of Guild Wars 2. We have set dedicated websites for each of the GW2 realms we operate on, and there is an unique dedicated team behind every site waiting to fulfill your orders. Less time farming, more time to enjoy the game! Enjoy :-)

FAQ - for purchasing gold for Black Gate GW2

1. How long does it take to recive my order (gold)?

- Our service includes almost instant delivery, we really value and appriciate your time as our customer. Though, sometimes it may take a couple of minutes up to a few hours, depepending on the availability of our team. We are located in Europe, but due to the size of our team, we usually have someone online at any time to service you.

2. How do you obtain the gold?

- Being part of the larger V7 gaming network, allows us access to legit players who farm the gold for you. The gold is obtained through all normal means (simply put by playing the game) - it is farmed by our local in-house team of several farmers + tested and verified partners & suppliers. Bots, hacks or exploits are never used by us.

3. How safe is the process?

- We take serious precautions before delivering the order to you, so you should have not wories at all, as our multi-tested delivery process is 100% safe. It's really important to be cautious from where you purchase your gold from! Our expertise can guarantee you a safe and smooth delivery every time you purchase from us.

4. Do you have a refund policy?

- Worry free shopping - as stated, we strive to deliver as fast as possible. Our final guarantee is that if you don't receive your gold within maximum 24 hours from your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund with no questions asked. Just e-mail us at shop@gold4gw2.com. We deserve the right to cancel suspicious orders.

Gold4Blackgate Client Testimonials

My 500g in 10 minutes

John Hansson hanssiel******@gmail.com (21th March '16)

Got the 500g i ordered in less than 10 minutes, so quick I'm impressed

Over 10K in purchases so far

William Smith willyboo****@outlook.com (16th February '16)

I use Gold4Blackgate literary every week for my gold needs - thanks guys, always perfect!

Brilliant - very satisfied!

George Lishman g.lish****@yahoo.com (30th January '16)

I decided to reroll on Blackgate and i bought 3000 gold coins to get me going smoothly on the realm. Many thanks <3

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Email: shop@gold4gw2.com Skype: Vision7Gaming (Guild Wars 2 & World of Wacraft Gold)

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